Bridging the Security Gap: HIPAA’s Overlap with Other Security Standards

Although #HIPAA compliance is mandated by law in the healthcare sector, any healthcare firm is likely to encounter the need to increase security measures. How much, if any, can today’s security framework standards benefit from HIPAA-compliant solutions?

Remember that HIPAA is not a framework for cybersecurity, hence it surprises me to see how much progress has been made on security compliance’s like #SOC2 or #ISO27001. You’ll notice that #HITRUST is not included despite being a widely used framework in the healthcare sector. The primary source of the data’s dispersion is that the HITRUST CSF has varying degrees of complexity and maturity levels causing the data to be all over the place.

What’s the take away?

1. BlueSteel Cybersecurity gathered this information via first-hand interactions with healthcare organization’s that must adhere to HIPAA regulations while also meeting other security compliance criteria. Please keep in mind that every company and setting is unique. The percentages may not be applicable to your company in their exact form. This illustration is meant to provide the viewer a fundamental understanding of overlap.

2. Any firm in the healthcare sector that handles sensitive data must comply with HIPAA regulations. In addition to HIPAA, moving toward a cybersecurity-focused framework can lead to the security advancement required to lower the risk of a data breach.

3. Book a security assessment with a firm that understands your organization. An assessment won’t break the bank and it will provide important information about your existing setup and the shape your company’s unique compliance cross-walk strategy will take. While BlueSteel Cybersecurity does a fantastic job, there are others who can help.

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Written by Ali Allage