My New Business Venture: BlueSteel Cybersecurity Launches Advanced Cybersecurity & CMMC Services

BlueSteel Cybersecurity

The day has finally arrived! I am so excited to announce the launch of my new business venture:  BlueSteel Cybersecurity.

My experience in data and technology drew me into the world of information security. Cybersecurity is a complex world which is constantly evolving. Cyber threats are expected to climb 600% over the next few years. With so many organizations growing their information/data, there has never been a greater time to jump in with innovative information protection solutions. For those that know me, I never shy away from a challenge – and what better opportunity to take on by safeguarding others.

How BlueSteel Cybersecurity is different: we start with clients’ workflows and culture, and fit cybersecurity protections to the way your people work. Our straightforward monthly packages include CMMC preparation/readiness, 24/7 managed security services, security consulting, and assessments – everything needed to keep an organization safe and secure.

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Official Press Release:

COLUMBIA, MD, October 27, 2020 – BlueSteel Cybersecurity is proud to announce the launch of its full line of intelligent cybersecurity and CMMC services. The company was created to bridge the widening gap between cybersecurity requirements and business operations.

BlueSteel Cybersecurity’s unique approach is based on the knowledge that current security policies are often too rigid and intrusive to employees’ daily jobs. As a result, instead of working within security parameters, workers find ways around them, leaving organizations vulnerable to attacks. BlueSteel Cybersecurity takes the opposite tack: the experienced team starts with their clients’ workflows and culture to bring cybersecurity protections up to the levels needed.

“The end user ultimately drives the success of any initiative. If you create something that is disruptive to the end user, they are unlikely to engage, and the initiative fails. However, if you start with determining what the end user needs in order to be successful and align this with essential cybersecurity needs, you can create policies that become a win-win for all involved,” said Ali Allage, CEO, BlueSteel Cybersecurity.

BlueSteel Cybersecurity’s launch is just in time: CMMC, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is a framework that will be soon be used by key federal agencies to ensure appropriate cybersecurity practices and processes are in place to protect sensitive information. Cybersecurity crimes are increasing in intensity and cost; across the private sector, government, and nonprofits, experts estimate that cybersecurity crimes have cost us more than $600 billion.

BlueSteel Cybersecurity will offer straightforward monthly packages that include CMMC preparation, 24/7 managed security services, security consulting, and assessments – everything needed to keep an organization safe and secured.

“Our goal is to prove our value – and the value of cybersecurity processes and protections – through innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their information security goals,” said Ali.

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BlueSteel Cybersecurity delivers a new approach in intelligent cybersecurity protection, strategy, and monitoring services. We translate the complexity of cybersecurity protection into clear and actionable insights to bridge the widening gap between business objectives and critical cybersecurity protection. Our enterprise-level security services are carefully engineered to help our partners prepare for future threats while meeting CMMC requirements. We are experts in security, data, software, and IT with decades of experience analyzing and communicating complex information upon which critical decisions are made.

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Written by Ali Allage