About Me

Ali Allage

First and foremost, I am a dedicated husband and proud dad to 3 amazing kids. I’m also a passionate entrepreneur, cybersecurity nerd, car enthusiast, data storyteller, and technologist who currently serves as the CEO for BlueSteel Cybersecurity.

With twenty years of experience leading technology companies – from tech-focused problem-solving to the creation of consumer and business applications and platforms. I’m great at taking what a small, specialized group understands and communicating that to the mass market. Just one of my achievements: creating a forum that was so easy to use and so flexible that it attracted more than 32 million users. I feel I’m particularly good at analyzing highly technical information and specifications and extracting precisely what is most relevant and valuable to consumers and end-users.

This blog serves as my outlet to share my interests, as well as professional and personal experiences over the years. My ultimate hope is that by revealing my wins and losses and everything else in between, it can help positively impact others when it comes to their professional and personal lives.

Current Companies

BlueSteel Cybersecurity