I'm a IPad Believer


As I’m sure most would agree, when the announcement was made about a “Apple Tablet” coming out the first thought was, why? Even after watching the keynote presentation, I still wondered if this product was actually needed or was it another nicely packaged Apple product that looked more pretty than functional.

I finally see the light. I think what changed my mind was the sea of developers creating specific apps to work not only on the IPhone, but also on the IPad that got me saying “Wow I would use that”. One application that sold me in particular was Wired Magazine’s demo of their new IPad app.

Wired’s new application is what I believe is the last nail in the coffin for print media. Here’s why: One of the main reasons I still read print media is because the mobility and having something in my hand to flip through, possibly write in (I know I’m old school). This new app, looks to promise the same print experience, but with more interactivity. So now when I read an article in AutoWeek or any other publication that asks me to “visit our url to watch videos, etc”, it can be visited with just a touch of a finger. Even cooler is the option for advertisers to showcase their product by allowing the user to rotate it on a page, almost giving the user the ability to “touch” the product.

With Wired’s new app, the possibility of translating my need for print onto the IPad doesn’t give me any more excuses to hold on to print anymore. Here’s to a bright interactive future.

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