The Naked Entrepreneur – Book Review

The Naked Entrepreneur

First let me say I’m pretty proud that I actually committed to reading each book in my collection and not doom them  to a life of dust collection.  My first choice: “The Naked Entrepreneur“, written by Troy Hazard and Maria Elita.  Being an entrepreneur myself, I love reading about experiences that others go through when starting a business, running a business, or just running themselves in general.  It makes me feel that I’m not alone in the world.  The focus of this book is to look into yourself and to be more real.

The setup of the book is different than most other books I’ve read.  The story is about Troy’s journey in finding himself through a hectic life  and how Maria guides him to truly find himself..  Each chapter is setup to document Troy’s self journey from his point of view with a wrap up of  Maria’s point of view as she  interacts with Troy and manages her own life.  Two worlds colliding. Like many entrepreneurs Troy got to the point where he worked himself to near meltdown .   The stress not only cost him his relationships with others but also impacted who he was as a person.

This was a story I could relate to.  It’s very easy to get caught up in business and life issues.  One thing I did notice was how much I stressed over situations I had no control over.  An example would be signing on new clients.  As a growing business all I want are new clients to grow the company.  One thing that always stressed me out was towards the end of any new business deal, whether the client will go with us or someone else.   After reading this book, I realized that certain situations like my example are totally out of my control and should learn to surrender to that.  By surrendering, I learn to move on to the next deal.  The other nugget I learned was how I put such importance on money and materials, instead of enjoying life and people around me.  I  was ingrained to define success by meaningless possessions and of course cash, instead of counting  quality of family, friends, and the simple things in life.

For any entrepreneur looking to be more real with themselves instead of living in fear (stress), pick up a copy of the “The Naked Entrepreneur“.

DISCLAIMER: You have to be ready to accept the fact you need help and open your mind before you read this book, otherwise you will think it is BS.

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